The City of Brains Project
The City of Brains project at CivicTechTO is about exploring personal stories of accessing mental health services in the city, identifying the challenges, and then designing solutions to help overcome those challenges.

You can submit your story in writing through this form or you can submit your contact information so one of the project team members will contact you to either conduct an interview or explain how to record your story and send it to us.

You can choose to submit your story anonymously, but please provide as much demographic data as you can. If you have any questions about how the data will be used, please contact Mark Freeman at

We are not affiliated with any healthcare organization and are simply a dedicated, passionate group of volunteers excited about creating change around mental health accessibility in our city. We cannot provide mental health services. If you are in distress, please call the Distress Centre's 24/7 help hotline at: 416 408 4357.

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