Tell Governor Brown: Californians Deserve Better Alternatives to Nursing Homes
Help more Californians receive the care they need in assisted living facilities, rather than nursing homes. Tell Governor Brown to sign AB 2233 today.

This bill will expand California’s Assisted Living Waiver (ALW) to allow it to serve many more people, decrease the waiting times, and save the state money.
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We will send Governor Brown the letter below with everyone's petition.
SUBJECT: Sign AB 2233 to improve California's Assisted Living Waiver (ALW)
Dear Governor Brown:

I urge you to sign AB 2233 to improve California's Assisted Living Waiver (ALW). Many Californians need assistance with daily activities and routine health care, and should be able to receive necessary services in an assisted living facility rather than in a nursing home. The legislation has many beneficial features, including:

- Enrollment cap increase from 5,700 slots to as high as 18,500.
- Expansion of the ALW beyond the 15 counties currently approved for participation.
- Increased transparency in how the waiver wait list is administered.

Thank you for increasing the enrollment cap from 3,700 to 5,700 in this year's budget, but the need is even greater with a waitlist of approximately 5,000 people.. AB 2233 passed through the Senate and the Assembly without any "no" votes because improving the ALW is good for consumers, service providers, and the State. Consumers want to receive necessary services in a more home-like environment. Service providers could expand their services to low-income Californians if the ALW were strengthened. And the State saves money whenever a Medi-Cal beneficiary receives necessary services through the ALW rather than in a nursing home. A late amendment to AB 2233 strengthened the money-saving nature of the legislation by requiring that at least 60% of ALW enrollees be persons who transfer from a nursing home into an assisted living setting.

AB 2233 is win-win legislation. By signing the legislation, you would be protecting thousands of Californians who otherwise would be deprived of necessary assistance or forced to move into or remain living in a nursing home.
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