Find Your Inner Glow #teamshinefit
You are going to love this plan so much. You'll not only have me as your one-on-one coach and your go-to girl, but you will also have the support of a private online community of women who are bettering themselves daily, like you will be. You’ll have access to meal plans, a cooking show with recipes and meal /snack ideas!
First, I need to know more about your goals. Please fill this out and we will be able to pick out a program for you to start with.
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WHY do you want to accomplish the goals you mentioned? That DEEP why that almost makes you cry! What do you want to see when you look in the mirror? What do you want to feel confident about? Peel back the layers and find that deep why to why you want to achieve those goals! It’s ok to get emotional here :) *
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What do you feel like your biggest struggle is with nutrition? Do you skip meals, emotional eat? How often do you eat out per week? *
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If you want to peak at this quick video below, you will see some of the goodness you will be getting!
Thank you, I cannot wait for you to join me!
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