What are the Results You Would Like to Have NOW?
We are preparing our new training about helping men improve their relationships, and we would like to know from you the importance that you give to each one of the issues we work on.

Filling this survey will help us to focus on what are the results you want or need to achieve, to feel more understood and valued in your relationships now.

Here are 4 questions, plus a line left empty so you can add your own particular and much needed behavioral improvement.

Thanks for answering them to the best of your understanding.
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1. Removing guilty feelings for behaviors you could not control *
Feeling guilty for things you say or do naturally does not help you if you can't understand what is the impact of what you do on others. If you knew what pulls your triggers, and why, you can eliminate most of negative behaviors and feel more appreciated.
Most Important
2. A new framework to understand why you are labeled passive aggressive when you only try to avoid confrontations. *
If you could understand where your reactions are coming from, would that help you behave in a more positively connected way?
Most Important
3. Having a new set of skills to manage all those pesky difficult interactions in a healthier way. *
Imagine you had a model in your brain that your could use to understand your partners' reactions and feelings. How much would it help you to process arguments to everybody's satisfaction?
Most Important
4. Eliminate your fears of confronting people you love and be able to express clearly to them what your needs are, so they can honor you. *
If ugly confrontations caused you before to be excluded and rejected after a discussion, what you learned was to hide and mask your anger. But what if your could enter in a discussion knowing that you will always be able to manage your emotions and theirs?
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5. What do you feel is the most important result you'd like to have? *
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