St George Orthodox Christian Church 2028 Master Plan
St George is organizing an effort to look 10 years into our future to capture our goals and objectives in a 2028 Master Plan. Our first effort will be to define needed facilities that make the best use of our site, including a new Fellowship Activities Center (FAC) supporting all of the non-liturgical activities of our parish. Every parishioner is invited to participate in defining the requirements for the FAC. Please share your ideas in this survey and in meetings with the planning committee to be announced. Please think outside-the-box for both “must have” and nice to have requirements. At this point, do not let cost or space constrain your thinking.
1. What should be the seating capacity of a new Fellowship Hall? (current capacity 250)
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2. Should the Hall have partitions to accommodate smaller gatherings?
3. Should the primary purpose of the Hall be for (Click all that apply)
4. Should there be a quiet place in the Fellowship Activities Center (FAC) for Liturgy overflow?
5. What other special use or multi use spaces/needs should be included in the Fellowship Activities Center (FAC)? Ex: larger bookstore; rooms for choir, exercise, teens,.... . List any.
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6. Other than the Fellowship Activities Center (FAC) should other facilities be included in the Facilities Master Plan? Please specify.
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7. In addition to your yearly commitment to St. George Church, would you be willing to support this project financially in a five to eight year capital campaign?
8. Share other thoughts on this project.
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