Hack4Impact UIUC Fall 2019 Project Applications
*** We would love to chat before you apply! If you’re interested in discussing your ideas or learning more about us, please reach out to us at agarg22@illinois.edu. You can also visit http://uiuc.hack4impact.org for more information.***

Sample Application: https://docs.google.com/document/u/1/d/1SGG7gxu8lgWMOhxIULMSUZQa-4p0bLwrwDl4SAZW2lE/edit?usp=drive_web&ouid=100517336170959288227
What is Hack4Impact?
Hack4Impact (hack4impact.org) is a student-run nonprofit dedicated to building web and mobile software for other nonprofits. It was started by students at the University of Pennsylvania and recently has begun expanding to other schools. The UIUC chapter was founded August 2017 and we are continuing to develop our team and increase our impact as we enter our fifth semester. Our vision is two-fold: a tech industry that emphasizes social impact as a core tenet of success and a nonprofit space that is empowered by and values technology.

We collaborate with 3-5 organizations per semester to develop applications that enable the organizations to strengthen their impact. Each organization is paired with a team of 5-8 university students -- project teams consist of developers, a technical lead, a product manager, and usually a product designer.
Our Work
We have completed multiple projects in areas ranging from microfinance to education. For examples of our work and client testimonials, please visit http://uiuc.hack4impact.org/projects.

We want to hear about issues your organization is facing, and possibly a potential solution in mind where we could help out. Examples of these may include:
- A platform that displays your organization’s resources for the public on a map.
- A tool to automate a time-consuming manual process.
- An application to keep track of the people you serve and better assess your overall impact.
- Or anything else that will empower you to broaden your impact and accelerate your mission!
Development Fee
We charge $1000 per semester with projects varying from 1 to 2 semesters. All client contributions feed right back into Hack4Impact to pay for operating costs, professional development events, team building, and organization retreats. Our pricing is need-based, and if your organization is not able to afford the cost, we would be happy to discuss potential fee accommodations.
Tell us about your organization!
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Describe your organization. What is your objective? When were you founded? How are you funded? What are your plans for growth? *
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Describe your organization's current technology capacity. Does your organization have a technical / IT team? If so, what is the size of the team? Do you have a webmaster? Who is in charge of your web presence? *
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Who is the main contact person for the organization? *
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What is the best way to reach you? *
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Please describe the applications or projects you have in mind & the problem(s) they address *
Please include: Details about the problem(s) your proposed project would target, current state of the particular area of your organization your project would affect, what sort of impact you believe it will have, and how soon you would need it developed by.
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What is your definition of success for this project? *
In other words, what metrics or milestones would you use to determine whether or not the project was successful? What are ways in which we might measure the impact of this project?
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Do you have another project idea?
Right after you submit this form, fill out the form again with your other idea. You can enter "N/A" for the questions you already answered about your organization.
Does your organization have any local volunteering opportunities? If so, please provide any details (type of opportunities, location, etc) of potential ways students could get involved.
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Any additional comments/notes?
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