NC State Transportation-Non University Affiliated Application for Service Provider "SP" Parking Permit
Definition: Anyone who provides maintenance and/or repair to campus buildings, equipment, and/or infrastructure.

Eligibility: For purchase/use by individuals whose work meets the above definition, but utilizes a non-state licensed vehicle (including personal vehicle) or is not affiliated with campus. Service contract required with the University.

Operation: Permit provides access to any designated "SV" space or non-reserved space.

Price: $768, Valid until June 30, 2021

Parking Permits are issued on the Academic Calendar Year. Payment is due in full at the time the permit is issued. Permits are prorated weekly, based on the annual amounts.

Please allow 3 business days for a reply.

If approved, please note that you will have to provide a list of all the license plate numbers that will utilize this permit.
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