Which Tarot Card Should Be Next?
I need help deciding which Tarot card I'm going to focus on for the next story in my Fortunes of Fate series. So help me choose! No need to know details about Tarot cards to pick. You can do it randomly, or by favorite numbers, or what the pictures are on the cards in a certain deck. Of course, you can also pick by meaning, too.

Take a look at my post on Born to Write - http://blog.alexagrave.com/2017/09/which-tarot-card-should-i-use-in-next.html - for a quick rundown of the card names, and Tarot.com - https://www.tarot.com/tarot/cards - if you want to read up on the meanings or look at several different decks.

You can choose up to three cards, though you can only choose one if you wish.

This survey will remain open until at least December 1, 2017. I'll announce the chosen card on Born to Write - http://blog.alexagrave.com - in December or January.

So, pick a card, any card...

This card represents your past... What is the first card you choose? *
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This card represents your present... What is the second card you choose?
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This card represents your future... What is the third card you choose?
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Don't Forget!
Don't forget you can get the ebook of the first story in the Fortunes of Fate series for FREE! DREAMS IN SHADOW was inspired by The Fool card. Pop over to my website to find links for places you can snag a free copy - http://www.alexagrave.com/publications/FortunesofFate.html
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