DeployStack improvements
I would love to hear your feedback on how DeployStack could be further improved!
Content of DeployStack
Do you want to see more sections?
A section is, for example "Hosting" or "Domain name"
Do you want to see more options (companies) for each section?
Do you find the current format of DeployStack (all information on one page) clear to use?
Do you want to hear about small/new companies that are trying to compete with larger companies?
New features
Would you like to get a newsletter with the news from the "industry"
It would contain information about domains sales, new features from various companies, etc. (I'm subscribed to newsletters of every company listed on DeployStack, so I could gather the useful information and send it in a form of a newsletter).
Are you interested in a "wizard tool" to help you narrow down the selection of tools?
For example, you could fill in a form where you say: I need a hosting with 20GB of space, at least 2GB or RAM, a newsletter for 1000 users and a CDN that will serve 50GB of data per month. Then, the website would generate a list of tools that matches your requirements
Additional comments
Any other comments? Any new sections/companies that you would like to see on DeployStack?
Your answer
Would you like to be contacted in the future about incoming changes to DeployStack (so you can express your opinion in a survey like this one)? If yes, just write down your email.
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