Month End Submission (Due by 5th of month to report previous month #s)
Use this form to submit your month end Perfect 12 numbers, Move Up WINS and PartyX 8 and 12 results to me!!

I send Leah your numbers for recognition when you complete at least PartyX 8! They MUST be qualified parties (meaning the party is CONFIRMED and you have a guest list of at least 5 LADIES NAMES AND NUMBERS!
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What month are you submitting numbers for? *
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The end of last month
How many new faces did you complete for this past month? *
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How many qualified parties did you have last month? *
Hostess plus 2 (unless Hostess is already customer, then would be plus 3)
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How much wholesale did you purchase last month?
Purchased from MK - you find this # on
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How much did you sell last month? *
What you sold before tax and after discounts
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How many career surveys did you do with your director last month? *
Must be completed WITH director to count, unless you are a RED jacket
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How many new team members did you add last month? *
They don't have to be active!
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How many months have you consecutively earned a level of the Perfect12?
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What what your position as the beginning of last month? *
Did you Move up? *
What level did you END last month?
How many Parties do you have booked for this month? *
Party is hostess + 2 (unless hostess is a customer and then would be +3)
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How many of the parties are qualified? *
Qualified means must be confirmed a day later (so can't book on 5th or 15th and count) AND you have a guest list of at least 5 ladies names/numbers who are not current customers
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What level of Perfect12 are you committed to completing this month?
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