TWUSA Funding Request Form
Fill this form out by Wednesday at 4pm to have your proposal considered at the TWUSA Business Meeting (TBM) the following Tuesday.

Yourself or a member of your group will need to attend our TBM as a representative to present the proposal.

Tuesdays 1:30-2:45pm in the Board of Governors Room 2nd floor Reimer.
Dress code: Business Casual—don’t wear jeans.

The representative will present the proposal to the TWUSA council their purpose, events, and evaluation plan. The information will be present on the screen with the details submitted in this form. After presentation the floor will be open for anyone to ask questions about the club and then the council will vote to grant funding.

Name of Requestee: *
ex) Douglas Building, Commuters, 3L Dorm, Jane Doe, or Trinity Western Biology Club etc.
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Event Name
**Only required for Event Proposal or Conference Proposal**
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**Only required for Event Proposal or Conference Proposal**
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Explain what you plan to use it for, who will use it, and then provide clear rational on how this proposal advances the overall mission of TWUSA. Persuade us.
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Expenses *
Please list the specific items the money will be used for and how much they cost. (ex) Printing documents x 25 - $1.25
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Please describe what fundraising you have done already. *
Have you received or pursued funding from any other avenues before approaching TWUSA? Note: Clubs are required to fundraise in order to offset costs.
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If any, how much funding has your group received from TWUSA this year?
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Implementation and Evaluation *
How do you plan to evaluate how the money was used? How will you prove that this proposal was valuable to the TWU community and was used effectively? ex) how many people do you expect? - Evaluate actual amount vs. the expected turnout
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How many people are you expecting?
**Only required for Event Proposal**
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This is your chance to add any information that you think may be relevant to this proposal. Any additional thoughts or reasoning.
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**Only required for Event Proposal or Conference Proposal** (If not sure how to do this please email
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If I receive funding for this proposal, I understand that I will also be required to submit a post-proposal summary detailing the successful use of the funds one month after approval.
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