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He swam over to the edge of his fish tank to make sure the coast was clear, then he slipped into his lair. Now, Tim and Suzy didn't know this, but Flippers had outfitted his lair with all sorts of surveillance equipment in order to spy on them. He could see everything that happened in the house and around the house within a 300-foot radius. He was prepared for anything.

After about 2 hours of watching the cameras, Jack got bored. He was already defying popular beliefs and misconceptions about fish by focusing on one task for more than 3 seconds, so he felt like he deserved a break. But never had a fish spy made such a terrible mistake.

As soon as Flippers left the confines of his lair to stretch his fins a bit, he found himself face to face with a big, fat, fuzzy, lethal, hungry house cat. Where had it come from? Why didn't Flippers see it on his radar? He made a dash for the safety of his lair, but it was too late. The cat's paw struck and pinned him against the glass of the tank. What was he going to do now? He had been entrusted with a mission, and he couldn't go out like this!
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