UN-DOula Doula Apprenticeship Intake
Thank you for your interest in being my apprentice!
Take a few minutes or many minutes to really think and answer these questions. A true apprenticeship is built on trust, honesty and respect wouldn't you agree? If not, stop now.....please!
Theres no wrong or right answer. Theres no right or wrong anything if I'm honest.xoxo k
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How long have you been a doula/birthworker? *
Why are you a doula/birthworker? *
What is your practice MISSION STATEMENT *
If you had a "doula/birthworker" secret superpower, what would it be? *
Why do you think I'm the right person to apprentice under? *
Why do you think I'm the wrong person to apprentice under? *
As of now this would mostly be virtual but how do you feel about socially distanced in person meets with no more than 3 people? *
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