2020 - illusfairHK vol.2.0 Application Form 申請表格
illusfairHK vol. 2.0
Date 日期:28/2 - 1/3/2020 (Fri - Sun)
Time 時間:Opening Ceremony 開幕酒會 19:00 - 22:00 (28/2 Fri.) I Exhibition 公開展覽 12:00 - 19:00 (29/2-1/3 Sat & Sun)
Venue 地點:
L0 Gallery, L1 Gallery & Courtyard, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre
JCCAC 賽馬會創意藝術中心L0藝廊、L1藝廊及中央庭園

Please include no more than 5 attachments in jpeg format and share us the download link.

Please name the file in the following format 請按以下格式命名作品:
Artwork 1: YOURname_1_artworkName.jpg
Artwork 2: YOURname_2_artworkName.jpg
Email Address 申請人電郵 *
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Name of Applicant 申請人姓名 *
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Artist Name or Brand Name 藝術家名字或品牌名稱
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Phone 電話 *
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Where are you from? 來自哪裡? *
Select Category 選擇作品類別: *
Select booth type 選擇展位類型: *
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Optional - for application of Booth B only 附加選項 - 僅適用於Booth B
For application of booth B, if you request a connecting booth with a designated applicant, please write down his/her application name, the organizer will take this request into consideration. (This arrangement is not guaranteed and will be decided by the organizer depending on the actual situation.) 申請Booth B者如希望跟其他指定申請者相隣,請寫上對方的申請名字,主辦單位將考慮安排。(此安排並非保証,將視乎實際情況由主辦單位最終決定。)
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Website / Online Portfolio (if any) 網站 / 線上作品集 (如有):
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Artworks (no more than 5) download link 代表作品 ( 不多於5張) 下載連結: *
Please make sure to provide a valid link in order to ensure the application. 請確保下載連結正確以免影响申請。
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Artist Profile 藝術家簡介 *
(No more than 100 words 100字以內)
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Please briefly describe the works or items that will be displayed or selling. 請簡述將會展示的作品 / 銷售的物品。 *
(Note: Selling is not allowed for Booth D. 請注意Booth D 並不予允許銷售。)
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Price range 價格範圍 *
Your message to the organizer 如有留言:
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If you require an official invoice from the organizer, please state your invoicing name 如需正式發票,請列明發票抬頭:
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Declaration 聲明 *
By submitting this application, I have clearly read & agreed the Entry Rules and Regulations (http://illusfairhk.com/en/entry-rules-e/) from the organizer. I understand that after a booth space has been offered and payment is received, there will be NO refund of the participation fee. 本人了解並同意遞交報名申請即代表本人已經清楚閱讀及同意注意事項及參展者守則(http://illusfairhk.com/entry-rules/)。本人明白展位一經確定並作付款後,參展費將不予退還。
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