Maud ISD 2020-2021 School Year Planning Survey
2020-2021 School Year Planning Survey (please complete by July 14th)

The following survey is to help us plan for the upcoming school year. If we are able to have in person instruction then parents will have a choice for their student to either come to campus or receive virtual instruction at home.

Please understand, the description of virtual school below is based on the current guidance issued by TEA. This guidance is always subject to change based on the evolving public health situation.

Parents, before you select if you want your child to attend “in person” or “virtual” school, please read the information below so you have a clear understanding of what “virtual” school entails. Virtual school for the 2020-2021 school year will be very different than the remote instruction that was provided at the end of 2019-2020.

A group of school districts have come together and are CONSIDERING forming a North East Texas Virtual School Co-op. The NETXVS , if formed, would provide students with virtual instruction as described in the Texas Education Agency Guidelines.

Virtual instruction is instruction that may not require having the teacher and student engaged at the same time. In virtual instruction students learn from instruction that may or may not be delivered via video-conference with a teacher or in real time. This type of instruction will include various forms of digital and online learning resources.

While teachers will be available to schedule virtual tutorials & provide some remote assistance and the school will provide the learning platform & learning resources, a big responsibility for learning stills falls on the student & parents. Keep in mind, that the teachers who may assist/tutor your child, will not necessarily be from their home district (Maud ISD) .

Students who participate in virtual instruction are subject to the same daily attendance and instructional minutes requirement of students who attend in-person school.

These requirements include.
-Students must attend “virtual school” 90% of the days school is in session to receive credit.
-Students in Kindergarten – 5th Grades must log 180 instructional minutes (3 hours) per day school is in session.
-Students in 6th – 12th Grades must log 240 instructional minutes (4 hours) per day school is in session.

To earn credit for attendance, students must meet one of the following daily engagement methods: daily progress in the online learning system, as defined in the TEA approved learning plan; daily progress via student-teacher interactions, as defined in the TEA approved learning plan; completion/turning in of assignments.

Students in grades 6th - 12th are enrolled in 8 courses per year.

Once a parent selects “virtual instruction” they are committing themselves to that form of instruction for a full grading period, which is 6 weeks. Students who select virtual instruction are not eligible to participate in extracurricular activities – including athletics, clubs, FFA, band, academic UIL or other such programs – while enrolled in virtual school.

Keep in mind that electives for students in grades 6th – 12th will be limited, as many CTE courses require hands on learning that is not possible virtually.

Students enrolled in virtual school are not exempted from STAAR/EOC/Other State Assessments. They are still required to take those assessments and subject to the same state promotion requirements. This means that students in virtual instruction are still required to cover all the same Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills as students who are in the classroom.

Please keep in mind, it is detrimental to constantly change the child’s instructional setting and can create extensive learning gaps.

Parents who select virtual school will need reliable internet access and be able to stream videos.

Parents who select virtual school will also need to communicate to the district the designated adult who will be monitoring the child’s learning on a daily basis.

Please keep in mind, virtual school MAY NOT be available for all grade levels.
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Which method of instruction do you anticipate this child will participate in during the 2020-2021 school year? Keep in mind, this is for our planning purposes. *
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Do you plan on your child riding a bus to school during the 2020-2021 school year? *
Maud ISD plans to meet (and in many cases exceed) the public health guidance that the state will impose on us.How comfortable are you with the idea of sending your student back to school in August? *
We are still awaiting school health guidance from the state that we will be required to follow. However, we would like some feedback from our families as to what safety measures they would like to see implemented in order to feel safe sending their children back to school. Please check all that apply and would make you feel safe about sending your child to our campuses
Please tell us any concerns that you have about starting in person instruction.
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