Parent/Consumer Midwifery Care
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Please take this survey for each of your births.

Thank you.

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Think of only one of your births for these questions. Do you feel you had autonomy to give birth the way you wanted to in your state? On a scale of 1 to 5, 1 meaning you felt very controlled with little autonomy, and 5 meaning you felt very independent with more autonomy.
You felt very controlled with little autonomy
You felt very independent with more autonomy.
Concerning that delivery, which US state or other country did you give birth in? If you are military, please note that when adding the country. *
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Concerning that delivery, who was your birth attendant? *
Concerning that delivery, where was your baby born? *
Concerning that delivery, were you required to have tests such as labs, ultrasounds, or to have consultations with doctors to work with your midwife?
Concerning that delivery, did you feel the extra steps you were required to take were necessary to your or your baby's wellbeing?
Concerning that delivery, were you told that there were time limitations on your length of gestation/rupture/labor? If so, please comment on the impact of those time limitations, in regard to your stress, need for a back-up-plan, financial impact, and success of your birth.
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Concerning that delivery, if you could change any one thing, what would it be?
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