Core City Hoops Summer Instructional Sessions
Complete the following information to enroll in the week-long camp for your son/daughter's age group at Catholic Central.
Camp will run from July 8th to August 16th, based on Age group, 8:30AM-4:30PM daily for one week. Please ensure your son/daughter brings a lunch with them except on Fridays as a sponsor will be providing Pizza for all the kids!! Please email if you need any help or have questions about the camp. JUST PRESS SUBMIT ONCE!
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Thank you to our sponsors!
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Please select a session. Please note that it is $65 for one session and $100 for 2 sessions. Maximum of 2 sessions. Please pay by CASH or PAYPAL account. No Cheques Please. *
WE (I) hereby acknowledge and agree that in consideration of
my son/daughter
being permitted to participate in the activities of the Core City Hoops Rep. program;
1. WE (I) do hereby release the Core City Hoops Basketball Program, its members, officer,
directors, officer, employees and independent contractors, the other participant, sponsoring
agencies, sponsers, advertisers, owners and lessors of the premised used to conduct the event
(“Releasees”), from all liability, claims, causes of action of any kind whatsoever in respect of all
personal injuries, loss of life or property losses which our/my child or ward may suffer arising
out of the activities of the Core City Hoops Basketball Program.
2. AND WE (I) do hereby acknowledge and agree:
(a) that the activities involved in the this program and other related activities may be
dangerous and expose our (my) child to risks and hazards including the potential
for injury, disability or loss of life;
(b) that WE (I) freely and voluntarily assume all risks and hazards, both known and
unknown, even if arising from the negligence of the releasees, for our (my) child
or ward.
3. THAT WE (I) have carefully read this Release, Waiver and Assumption of Risk
agreement, that WE (I) fully understand same, and the WE ARE (I AM) freely and voluntarily
executing same.
4. THAT WE (I) understand clearly that by signing this Release, WE (I) will be forever
prevented from suing or otherwise claiming against the Core City Hoops Basketball Program, its
members, officers, directors, employees, volunteers or other releases.
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