It is recommended that clients contemplating the establishment of a Cyprus Company should first consult their tax advisers in the jurisdiction in which they reside or are domiciled.

Please note that our firm usually has available ready made (off the shelf) companies if required. If an off the shelf company is required please let us know (see 1 below). If a client wishes to proceed with the incorporation of a Cyprus Company (or the provision of a ready made (off the shelf) company) he/she should supply us with the following, namely:
1 - Name of a Company
Three alternative names are needed (in case one name may not be available) for the Company, in order of preference (n/a if ready made off the shelf company to be acquired).
Proposed name No 1 *
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Proposed name No 2 *
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Proposed name No 3 *
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Do you require a ready-made company? *
2 - Share Capital
We usually register companies with an authorised, issued and paid up share capital of €1.000 (1.000 shares of €1 each).
2 - Share Capital *
State the authorised and issued and paid up capital required:
Will the company open a fully fledged office? *
3 - Shareholders
The Company must have a minimum of one registered shareholder at all times. Our firm is willing to provide nominee shareholders who will sign declarations of trust in favour of the beneficial owner(s) and undated share transfer certificates. The names and addresses of registered shareholders are shown on the Company’s Annual Return to the Registrar of Companies and are a matter of public record. Therefore, if nominee shareholders are used, there is absolute discretion regarding the beneficial shareholder(s)’ identity.
Do you wish our office to act as temporary shareholder? *
Do you wish our office to provide a trustee shareholder? *
If yes, please state how many shares are to be held on trust and for which beneficial shareholder etc.
Name, Address, Profession, Nationality, Shares
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If no, will the beneficial shareholders be the registered shareholders?
If yes, give the number of shares to be issued for each shareholder etc:
Name, Address, Profession, Nationality, Shares
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4 - Memorandum of Association
Information is needed as to the proposed activities and main objects of the Company to enable our Lawyers to prepare a suitable Memorandum of Association. Articles of Association will be our Lawyers standard articles unless otherwise instructed.
Will the company provide any financial or trustee services other that to its shareholders or bodies corporate in its group of companies or will it assume directly or indirectly any obligations to the public, whether in the form of deposits, securities or other evidence of debt? *
5 - Directors
Full names addresses, nationalities and occupations of directors to be appointed are needed. Nominee directors can be provided by our firm if required. This will facilitate discretion and will also affect the management and control of the company, which in turn affects the tax status of the company.
Do you wish our firm to arrange for an appropriate local director service? *
If yes, how many local directors would you like appoint?
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If foreign directors are going to be appointed please state their full name(s), address(s), nationalities and occupations:
Name, Address, Nationality, Current occupation, Director in another Cyprus company
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6 - Secretary and registered office
Our firm will provide the Secretary and Registered Office for a Company. The registered office of the company has to be in Cyprus and we recommend that a local secretary is appointed due to the need for the annual return and other returns to be filed with the Companies Registrar and also for preparing minutes to meetings etc.
Do you wish our firm to be appointed as Secretary of the company and provide the Registered Office? *
If no, who will provide these services?
Secretary's name, Secretary's address, Registered Office address in Cyprus
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Please give us your personal details
Name: *
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E-mail: *
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Address: *
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Postcode: *
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City *
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Country *
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Telephone *
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Documents Required
The following documents are required:

1) Original Bank References from the beneficial shareholders. A sample of the requested bank reference is as follows:

“We hereby confirm that Mr/Mrs……………………….. has been our customer for……..years. He/she has good financial standing, is trustworthy and keeps to his/her commitments”.

2) Photocopy of the passport data pages of each proposed shareholder and director, or in the case of a legal entity, a copy of the certificate of incorporation/certificate of good standing.

3) Original utility bill of the beneficial owners.
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