Our Life Well Lived: Life Coaching Intake Questionnaire

As your Life Coach, I, Leanne Hintz, am committed to assisting you with …
- goal-setting
- brainstorming / action planning
- obtaining / creating appropriate resources and supports

As the client, I trust that you are committed to …
- goal-setting
- brainstorming / action planning
- taking action
- staying accountable
- attending weekly meetings

***Please keep in mind, Life Coaching is not therapy or treatment for any form of mental illness.***
Date: *
Client’s Full Name: *
Why have you signed up for Life Coaching? *
What are you wanting to work towards? *
Why is this important to you? *
Tell about a time when you were operating at “peak performance” ... when things were going well for you … when you were “on top of your game” … when you were pleased with what you were doing or accomplishing. What was going on? Who else was involved? How did you feel? *
How can I serve you best this month? *
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