March 2019 STEM workshops
Please provide us with your child's details to complete the registration for our holiday programme. Please complete one (1) form per child.
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All food served will be halal and suitable for your child's age group. The meals are normally delivered freshly prepared to our centre. Students would not be leaving our centre for their meals. We also have a water dispenser that students can use to refill their bottles.
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Terms and Conditions
1) Science Bridge Academy reserves the right to change the content (adding modules, removing modules, changing modules etc.) of the programmes. This decision will only be made after careful consideration of various factors including the students' ability to conduct the experiment(s). Any adjustment is always done in the best interests of the students.
2) Science Bridge Academy reserves the right to cancel the programme. A notice of three (3) days shall be given to you in such an event.
3) Science Bridge Academy will take all precautions necessary to ensure the safety of your child(ren). This includes but is not limited to: providing sufficient trainers and facilitators, conducting risk assessments of the activities involved and providing a safe learning environment. In the unfortunate event of an emergency we will administer first aid and seek emergency treatment whilst awaiting for the arrival of the parents.
4) Please help ensure that your child(ren) adheres to the dress code that would be sent to you upon registration. The dress code is for the safety of your child(ren) working in a science laboratory.
4) Photos will be taken for our records and marketing purposes. If you are uncomfortable with this, please bring this up with our staff as you drop off your child(ren).
5)Your child’s place is not confirmed until the deposit has been received. The methods of payment shall be e-mailed to you upon registration.

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