Riverside Arts Weekend - Community Feedback
We want to hear your feedback so we can keep improving the Riverside Arts Weekend (RAW) experience. Please complete this quick survey and let us know your thoughts (your answers will be anonymous).
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The Riverside Arts Weekend is dedicated to educate, inspire and excite the community with art and spectacle and has hosted an annual event since 2008.
Have you seen past Riverside Art Weekends' community art "spectacles"? Check all that you have seen. *
Have you attended a previous Riverside Arts Weekend event? *
What forms of visual art interest you the most?  Check all the art forms that you would like to see at a juried art fair in future years. *
What types of performance art interest you the most. Check all types of performance art that you would like to see at a future Riverside Arts Weekend event. *
Please rate how important you feel it is to have each of the following activities at Riverside Arts Weekend events. *
Not important
Somewhat important
Very important
Beer and wine vendor
Art demonstrations
Raffle (RAW bucks)
Food vendors
Community resource booth
Children's activity area
How many items have you purchased at past Riverside Arts Weekend events?
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How much are you willing to spend on unique, one of a kind art that you would find at a juried art fair?
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If you would be interested in becoming more involved in the planning of the Riverside Arts Weekend or volunteering during the weekend, please provide your name, email and phone number so a committee member may contact you.
Please provide any additional feedback to assist the the Riverside Arts Weekend committee with planning successful, future events. Thank you!
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