2018 BWI National Library Sling Request Form
######## Christmass closure from the 20th of december to monday the 7th ########
########## December special extra 5€ keep the sling until the 7th ########
updated 15/12/2018 very little sling avaialble you can request to reserve for january

Babywearing Ireland National Sling Library

Babywearing Ireland (BWI) is a not-for-profit organisation run by a network of volunteers all passionate about promoting safe babywearing and its benefits for both children and caregivers. We are a voluntary, community based organisation with an Ireland-wide network of sling libraries, meets and online support.The Babywearing Ireland Sling Library holds many different types of slings to enable you to decide which type of sling or carrier will best suit you and your baby.

- You can choose two Slings to borrow for two weeks.
- The cost is €15 which includes postage to you.
- Payment options are listed at the end of this form.

We aim to reply to your request within three to four days but as we are a voluntary organisation, this may not always be possible. Please check your junk mail for a response from library@babywearingireland.ie or you voicemail or missed called from a mobile ending in 243.

Please do not transfer money until our librarian Tania has been in touch with you to confirm availability of your chosen slings/carriers.

Remember you can also:
- go to a local Babywearing Ireland Sling Meet - most have rental libraries
- rent from some consultants
- use a rent and buy option from some vendors

To help you with choosing a sling or carrier to borrow, please refer to the photos on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.218279081518713.72016.124711907542098&type=1&l=de7b994ad2

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide instructions with each of our slings/carriers. Please refer to the manufacturer's website, check in with other babywearers, Babywearing Ireland volunteers or a Babywearing professional if you are unsure how to use a sling.

Please complete all sections of the form, until you hit a SUBMIT button.

You will find us on facebook - www.facebook.com/babywearingireland

And don't forget to join our chat group - www.facebook.com/groups/BWISlingChat


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Stretchy Wraps
Woven Wraps
Mei-Dah and Half Buckles
Soft Structure Carrier (ssc) - Full Buckle (FB)
Ring Slings
Twin carrier
Column 1
Twingo suitable from 4 month
Weego ( rent for 1month for 25€) suitable only few first months
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