Red Letter Christians Support CT’s Call for Impeachment & Removal
There are many evangelicals — even among white evangelicals — who agree with the editor of "Christianity Today," the top evangelical magazine, and want Donald Trump removed from office. As with the editor Mark Galli, we believe the impeachment hearings make clear that the president has gone too far with his lying and abuse of power.

We know the vast majority of white evangelicals will stand firm in supporting the president in spite of these moral failings, because they say that they like his policies. They are thrilled with his appointments of conservative judges to the courts, hoping these judges will support their "family values" on such matters as abortion and gay marriage. They endorse Trump's policies toward Israel, especially his support for moving the capital of Israel to Jerusalem and of the prime minister’s desire to annex the West Bank. They even, for the most part, join him in denying global warming.

We Red Letter Christians, who go by this name because the teachings of Jesus in many Bibles are highlighted with red letters, differ from mainstream white evangelicals in that we claim that Trump's policies often are contradictions to what Jesus actually taught.

We believe that giving huge tax breaks to the rich while cutting programs that help the poor is contrary to Jesus who had a preference for the poor. While we support the rights of the state of Israel, we also support the Palestinian people's right to a state of their own, and do so in conjunction with the six million Arab Christians who live in the Middle East. We take seriously the Constitutional guarantee of equal protection under the law and challenge the anti-democratic voter suppression efforts many politicians have embraced to cling to power. We take seriously the biblical mandate to be good stewards of God's creation and join with those who are committed to saving the environment. We believe that the ethno-nationalism that is so evident in many of Trump's pronouncements, especially about immigrants at our southern border, is diametrically opposed to what Jesus taught about treating aliens as we would Jesus himself.

It seems like duplicity that the same white evangelicals who sanctimoniously called for Bill Clinton's resignation in light of his sexual indiscretions now look past the moral failures of this current president and affirm his claim that he is the “chosen" by God to lead our country.

When, during the Clinton years, we Red Letter Christians went into the Oval Office, we did so in order to call the president to repentance rather than to lay hands on him to give him a sign of divine ordination, as did some evangelical leaders.

We know that the overwhelming majority of white evangelical voters will again vote for Donald Trump, but in doing so they will hurt the reputations of their churches. We Red Letter Christians hope they will search their hearts and search the scriptures and do what is right, as God leads them.

For the sake of our nation’s integrity and the most vulnerable in our society, we call on fellow Red Letter Christians to support the current impeachment inquiry and removal of Donald Trump. Now is the time to shine the light of truth. Please join us in praying that the truth will be revealed and set us all free.
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