GEN Conference 2018 Workshop Registration Form
Welcome to the GEN Conference Workshop Registration Form!

This form is here to help us understand more about your workshop, thereby allowing us to to make your time with us as comfortable and enriching as possible.

Filling out the form won't take long and will also serve to present your workshop within the program to all visitors. So please keep in mind to try and create a description that sounds inviting and understandable to others!

We are already looking forward to what will be a part of the 2018 program and with this form we will start the first steps in co- creating a beautiful conference, shared through all our gifts!

A few things before you start:

> Please be aware that you MUST already be registered in order to submit workshop proposals. If you haven't done so, you can do it here:
> Remember that as in every year, workshops are offered freely by paying participants as their gift to the conference.
> As we have a busy programme, we are unable to host all workshops and will be seeking a balance of themes to ensure a diverse offering. We will let you know by April 25th if your workshop has been selected
> If you intend to offer more than one workshop, please fill one application for each workshop out.
> the DATES for the conference are as follows:
1. the General Assembly - from the morning of the 8th to the afternoon of the 9th of July
2. the Conference - from the morning of the 11th to afternoon of the 14th of July.

If you have any additional question or you need further information, please contact us at

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Please be aware that you MUST already be registered in order to submit a workshop proposal. If you haven't gotten the chance, you can do it here:
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