Hub Teen Center Promise Form
I understand that The Hub Teen Center is an awesome place and it’s made that way because the community, the staff, the teens, and kind-hearted people donate their time, effort, and money to build this place.

All staff members promise to uphold the values of The Hub and make it a fun and safe place for teens to hang out and that they will continually work to improve it.

To make sure we are all on the same page they have created this promise form so we all understand the expectations of the Hub.

By signing this paper, I promise that I will…
Always respect the Hub building and the people and things inside of it
Never ingest, inhale, or otherwise use drugs or alcohol while at (or before coming to) the Hub, skatepark or rec. field
Never threaten or cause violence to people
Not use hate speech and will abide by the Hub’s push-up policy
Never purposely damage the Hub, the skatepark, or the recreation field
Not steal from the Hub or my fellow peers
Pick up my own messes and do my own dishes
Always sign-in when I get to the Hub
Do cool things always

I fully and clearly understand that if I break any of the promises that I have agreed to by signing this paper, I may lose the privilege of coming to the Hub or onto the Recreation Field for an extended period. I understand that the Hub Staff want me at the Hub and I will always be welcome there as long as I follow these rules.
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