Endorse the Movement for a Philippine Human Rights Act
The Philippines has been deemed one of the deadliest countries in the world for land defenders, journalists and trade unionists. According to human rights groups, the number of killings under the current Duterte regime, infamous for its deadly war on drugs, has risen to 30,000. However, since 2016, the U.S. has provided $550 million dollars in military aid to Duterte and implemented paltry human rights restrictions and oversight.

We are calling for the introduction of legislation “To suspend United States security assistance with the Philippines until such time as human rights violations by Philippine security forces cease and the responsible state forces are held accountable.”

We are asking for your support in becoming an official endorser of this campaign for the suspension of U.S. military aid. When you commit to at least one of the following, we'll add your logo to the forthcoming website as an endorsing organization:

- Joining lobbying efforts with local elected officials
- Providing resources and support for the campaign (i.e., mobilization of membership, staff, venue, supplies, in-kind);
- Donating $50, $100, $250, or $500 for support of campaign costs (based on capacity) - send donations here: malayamovement.square.site/endorse-the-phra

Learn more about the Philippine Human Rights Act at humanrightsph.org
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