Project Hack - Backdoor programme
Thanks for your interest in testing our new local co-op game! We just need some quick info and a way to contact you. :)

This will only take a minute!

Keep in mind, the game is LOCAL multiplayer, so as of yet we don't support networking. That's important for some of the questions! Gamepads are limited to Xbox 360/One, or emulations of it, like with the DualShock 4.

If you have questions about this survey, send them over to

Thanks in advance,


With how many would you (locally!!) play the game? *
You need as many gamepads, one player can play on keyboard-and-mouse.
How much experience with (action) platformers would you say you have? *
None/very little
A whole lot
How often do you play with gamepads/controllers? *
Literally never
Whenever I can
On which of the following platforms could you play? *
Note that chances are small that you can test on console anytime soon!
What's your email address? *
Solely to notify you about testing status.
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