Barkour - Ninja Dog Training Application
All dogs taking classes MUST have current immunizations. Please email or bring a copy of your dog(s) current immunizations.

Dogs will not be allowed to remain in the training area if immunization records have not been
provided. Your dog(s) should be immunized (in accordance with its age) against Rabies, Distemper,
Hepatitis, and Parvovirus. Please discuss these options with your veterinarian. We also accept
documentation from your vet that your dog receives titers.

I hereby apply for admission to Urban Evolution training classes. I understand that I am
responsible for my dog’s actions at all times and Urban Evolution reserves the right to dismiss any
dog for aggressive or unruly behavior. Furthermore, I will in case of accident, injury or illness, in
any way resulting from participation in the classes or while on the premises for any other reason, to
me, my dog or any member of my family, hold harmless from any liability Urban Evolution or any
instructor or assistant or other persons connected in any way with Urban Evolution. Furthermore, I
will not hold Urban Evolution or its instructors responsible for any actions of my dog(s).

By completing this form, I am expressing my agreement to these terms and conditions, which I have read carefully and understood fully.

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Barkour - Ninja Dog Training! Application
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If you don't give us a way to communicate with you, it's pretty tough to schedule training.
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You must be 18 or older to register for this training and to sign a liability waiver.
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We recommend this training for dogs between 6 months and 7 years old. Older dogs might have some trouble with higher impact activities; we'd like to preserve doggie joints for when they're older!
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How well does your dog socialize with others? *
Please be honest. Aggressive dogs make it difficult for everyone. We're happy to set up private training for dogs who don't do well with other dogs. Let us know if your dog is aggressive towards other dogs or towards other people, or both.
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Mixed breed, pure breed...we don't discriminate. We just want to group dogs based on how we feel they'll have the best time / most success.
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Is there anything you think we should know about your doggie? We love dogs, too.
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By signing my name, I agree to the terms outlined in this form. Please type your full name (first name, last name) here to indicate your consent. After completing this form, we will contact you via email to schedule an interview for you and your dog to participate in this program! *
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