Transportation Survey for Businesses
The Boston Cyclists Union and JP Centre/South Main Streets have teamed up to conduct a survey of businesses in the JP Centre/South district. We are invested in improving the flow of people safely and comfortably along Centre and South Streets. We are asking businesses to tell us what is important to you regarding the design of street.
The intent of this survey is to share information with the Boston Transportation Department regarding current business needs, which have changed since their 2010 community planning process. The City’s plans for the Centre/South redesign are on hold but are expected to re-start soon.
IF YOU HAVE ALREADY COMPLETED THE SURVEY IN PERSON, please do not fill out the online survey. Your results have already been recorded.

Thank you for taking time to contribute!
Email address *
What do you think is most important to see in a Centre-South St redesign? (please rank 1 through 7, with 1 being the most important to you. Please choose each number only once.)
1 - Most important
7 - Least important
Increased Pedestrian/Sidewalk Space
Improved Bike Infrastructure and Bike Parking
Improved Bus Service
Improved Streetscape (like benches, lighting, greenery, public art)
Better Signage for the Business District
Increased Parking for Cars
Clear selection
You can state your "Other" here, or feel free to elaborate on the choices.
How many employees do you have (including yourself)? *
How do your employees get to work? (please rank the most popular methods, with 1 being the most popular.)
1 - Most Popular
5 - Least Popular
Drive themselves
Uber/Lyft or carpool.
Public Transit
How many of your employees rely on street parking? *
If you have employees who drive, would you/they support parking in a lot a bit farther and taking a shuttle or walking to work?
Clear selection
Currently, much of Centre/South has either no parking limit or 2 hour parking. Do you think there is a need for parking meters to create more turnover in the cars parked on the street, and free up parking? (Please rank on a scale of 1 to 5.) *
I'd love to see meters.
I don't want meters.
What type of vehicles deliver to/from your business? (Check all that apply.) *
If you have loading needs, where do trucks/cars park to unload?
If a street re-design improved bus/bike/pedestrian safety and potential customer traffic but reduced on-street parking, would you support this design? *
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