eResource Platform and URL Changes
This is the 2.0 version of the old Publisher-Platform Changes Tracking Google Sheet. If an email comes in from a Publisher through ELERES or direct to your account, please fill out this form and file the email away for Jack to reference later on.

Feel free to copy straight from a publisher email if that makes sense.

Jack will take care of updating all of our systems. He will also take care of alerting Jennifer and the UMA BLT if they need to make changes if the resource is batch loaded. If the user interface is changing and their are training opportunities Jack will forward those on to the appropriate liaison.

Don't worry about repeat entries, as long as the information is there Jack will take care of them.
What resource is this? *
Does it affect multiple resources? What CORAL records does this relate too?
What type of change is it? *
Hopefully the publisher will specify what is happening!
When is this happening? *
Will the old platform disappear? *
The publisher will usually say this will happen on "x" date or they will redirect patrons.
Will the admin account be affected? *
There might be different accounts for MARC Files, Statistics, and the general admin login.
Will EZProxy be affected? *
Is there someone we should contact about this?
Is there a web page referenced in an email? Does the publisher provide a contact? Is there a liaison I should email?
Anything else from the email?
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