Next Generation Science Standards Field Test 2018: Student Feedback
The Connecticut State Department of Education is interested in gathering feedback on the science test you recently completed. The feedback that you provide will help to improve the science assessment experience for students like you in the future. This survey is not required. Please answer only the questions with which you are comfortable.
1. What grade level are you?
2. Did you complete the science sample items prior to the field test administration?
3. If you completed the science sample items, how helpful were they?
4. Did you have enough time to finish the science field test?
5. How would you best describe the amount of science you have been taught that was needed to answer the questions on the field test?
6. How would you best describe the level of reading, including vocabulary, on the science field test?
7. Did you have any problems understanding how to answer any of the types of questions on the science field test?
8.On a scale from 1 to 5, rate how hard you tried to answer the test questions correctly:
I didn't try much
I did my best
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