Ministry Planning for Children & Families
Our goal is to help families during this pandemic and always changing times. We are asking for feedback so we can try and plan ways for families to have ministry options that work for their comfort levels.
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Here are our basics for ministry this fall. We don't have everything finalized yet and there will most likely be some sort of changes, but this is our initial idea:
Based on the Ministry basics listed above, are you considering bringing your children for in-person ministry? *
Which area(s) of ministry does your family fall into? (Fall 2020) *
In lieu of, or in addition to in-person ministry, what are some ways that Bible EFC could support your children at this time? Are there certain topics you'd like resources or videos for?
As far as digital ministry options are concerned, which platforms do you prefer or find easiest to use?
My preferred format
I could use this one
I don't care for
I don't have adequate internet to access
YouTube- Live with active chat options
YouTube- prerecorded and watch on my own time
Facebook Live
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What is your family's biggest fear or concern right now?
What have you missed most about not having in-person ministry?
Do you have any other thoughts, questions or ideas for how we can better minister to families throughout this difficult time?
Is your family struggling with anything at this time? (mentally, physically, spiritually) Would you like a Pastor, Ben or Ms. Krishna to contact you?
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