Messages of Support for Dr. Vanessa Tyson
A valued member of the Scripps Community, Dr. Vanessa Tyson has chosen to step forward and call truth to power by sharing her #MeToo story with the world.

Dr. Tyson has been a professor in the Politics Department at Scripps since 2015. During that time she has been working with students both in and out of the classroom to make Scripps better. She is currently one of five tenured black women professors at the college.

It is time for our community to come together and show support for one of our own in what we know can be a tough time.

Please fill out this form by WEDNESDAY , FEB 13, 2019 with whatever message of support that you would like to send to Dr. Tyson.

Please share widely among Scripps students, alumni/e, faculty, and staff.

If you decide you would like your message to be handwritten, please know that others have volunteered to write your note to Dr. Tyson.

We got enough volunteers to handwritte the messages so all of these messages will be handwritten and delievered to Dr. Tyson. If you would like to volunteer to handwrite the letters please contact Lina Mihret or Rachel Berner-Hays.

*** Please note I (Lina Mihret) will be reading through the messages prior to sending them to the professor and reserve the right to delete any message that is inappropriate and not from a member of the Scripps Community.

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