Pre-Pharmacy Club End of Year Survey
Please fill out the following survey so we can better plan for Pre-Pharmacy Club next year! Thank you for your feedback!
What types of speakers would you like to come in to Pre-Pharmacy Club most next year? (Please select your 5 top choices) *
On a scale of 1 to 10, how well do you feel like you have connected with other students in Pre-Pharmacy Club this year? *
Not at all
I know everyone!
Which of the following workshops would you be most likely to attend if they were offered at Pre-Pharmacy Club next year? *
If you were able to apply for a leadership committee within Pre-Pharmacy Club next year (EX: DanceBlue, Service, Tutoring committees), would you take advantage of this opportunity? *
Would you be open to having less food at Pre-Pharmacy Club meetings if it meant more events outside Pre-Pharmacy Club meetings or more social events within meeting times? *
Is there any other ideas you have for Pre-Pharmacy Club to better fit your needs/wants next year? We are open to suggestions!
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