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I am super excited that you are on this journey with me. Whether you are just starting on your fitness journey or you are continuing, this group is going to help you so much.This form will help me create a 1-2 week workout plan for you.
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The All Access Pass - you can skip over the first few minutes and start watching from when I log in. This will help you understand how to log in and what you can expect to find :)
What day do you prefer to have as your rest day? (Is there a day you have more on your plate than other days or maybe a family day like Sunday?) *
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Anything else you want me to know while I am making this workout schedule? Particular program you have tried already and you want or don't want to do? Any injuries/limitations? A specific goal you're trying to achieve? (Gain/build, lose/tone or maintain) *
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Please tell me a little about your goals? Do you want to lose weight (if so, how much), tone up, eat better, gain more energy, improve your self-confidence, etc.? * *
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