PCC High School Zoom Work/Brainstorm Session
On Monday, June 1 at 7:00 p.m. (Central Time), there will be a work session for high school teachers to develop ideas/plans/strategies to use within their communities. I want to plan for the number of breakout groups we might have so please complete this sign-up form if you will be attending.

1. I'll send send a link to all of the lessons that were submitted for the HS level.
2. Please choose 1 or 2 lessons and think about how you might modify or reshape the lessons to fit your school or create your own idea.
3. Submit that idea in an FTP submission form - https://forms.gle/Lic3st68kjRmNAFf7
4. Attend the PCC Brainstorming Session on Monday June 1 at 7 pm.

What will happen during the Brainstorm (about 1 hour)
1. Greeting and Introduction to the purpose of the session.
2. We will split into breakout sessions to share ideas around the lessons and create 1 or more FTPs.
3. Return to large group and each breakout group will share 1 lesson the group modified or created.
4. Next steps/closing

Participation Guidelines to Keep Us on Track
1. The energy in this group should be focused on creating. We all have our worries around this situation and I encourage you to use this time to fully immerse yourself in the creative energy of the evening. Creativity can be a coping mechanism!

2. We are all on equal playing field, so don't feel like you can't share. Please honor all voices by supporting them in their sharing. It is scary to share in person for some and I imagine sharing online can be just as daunting. Let's lift US up!

3. Be mindful to let others speak about their ideas.

4. Bring the best version of yourself on that day. We are all at different stages in process and some will be high energy and others will not and that is ok. We can do this!

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