Pay To Play: Registration - 2020/21
Sessions run on Fri 8:30 pm - 10:30 pm

This League is designed for non-members (to learn) and for members to be able to bring out guests. Some training and assistance will be provided as required by either club coaches or club member helpers. This is not a course but an opportunity for beginners to experience curling in a fun and helpful manner.

There will be a $20 Cash per game/session fee for all players except for members who have arranged with the convenor to be there to help.

Participants need the following:
* Warm Comfortable clothing - that allows for good range of motion
* Avoid wearing garments that shed such as, fleece, fur, etc.
* Gloves (warm and have a good grip on a broom)
* Clean Running Shoes (Carry-in)

The club supplies the rest of the equipment.

Please review our website for details:

We appreciate you taking the time to complete this registration online.

By filling out and submitting this registration, you agree with all terms, waivers, and all club rules as available on our website. You will be required to sign a liability waiver before play.

We will contact you using the email address which you provide if we have questions about your registration.

If you have questions please visit our website and contact us.
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Please read ALL the instructions for each question before "forging ahead".

Please do not use "BACK" or "Refresh/Reload" in your browser in an attempt to correct a mistake.
Doing so will erase ALL your input and you will have to start over!

There will be opportunities throughout this Registration and at the end to review your input and correct mistakes.

By participating in the "Pay To Play" Sessions, I hereby agree to always abide by the Club's by-laws and rules and regulations.

I acknowledge that Curling is an ice sport and that there is a risk that I may fall while on the ice or elsewhere on the premises and injure myself. I understand that it is my responsibility, to utilize safety equipment, such as helmets, stabilizers, and sticks, as I feel are appropriate for my safety.

I am committed to concussion prevention, recognition, informing others, and reporting when I suspect myself or another individual may have sustained a concussion. For more information on concussions and Rowan's Law, please visit

I further acknowledge that unless I always keep my personal belongings with me while I am at the Curling Club there is a risk that they will be lost or stolen. By my participation, I accept these risks willingly and I hereby release the Orillia Curling Club, Board of Directors, Management, Staff, Volunteers, Sponsors and Advertisers from any liability for any loss of property or injury or illness incurred while on the ice or while on any part of the premises.

I understand that the Orillia Curling Club's main form of communication is by email.

By choosing 'Yes" below, I assert that I have read, understand, and agree to the waiver and agreement above.
I have read and agree to all the terms above.
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