MASC Travel Reimbursements
Summer and Semester 1 2019-2020: As a MASC executive board member, you are entitled to a travel reimbursement of 22¢ per mile. MASC certified workshop presenters who are not on the executive board may also get reimbursements for traveling expenses to events and trainings for which they are facilitating workshops (except for Convention).

MASC appointed staff members may also request reimbursement for all pre-approved travel required to fulfill staff responsibilities. MASC officers may request reimbursement for travel to and from all MASC sponsored events (this does not include optional NASC events such as the LEAD conference and the National Conference). Exemptions shall be granted as pre-approved by the Treasurer and the Executive Director.

Toll bridge fees, highway fees (not the inter-county connector), tunnel fees, and parking fees while traveling to and from MASC functions, shall be reimbursed upon submitting a receipt. Reimbursements for these fees are to be limited to the provisions listed above. Travel expenses when overnight provisions are available from MASC (Advance, the night before the Legislative Session, etc.) are not reimbursable - only the one round-trip may be submitted.

The deadline for all reimbursement submissions are for each semester: by midnight, the last day in January and by midnight on the date of the last executive board meeting (late May/early June).

NOTE: The bylaws do NOT allow for reimbursement for workshop materials, etc. Questions? Contact the MASC Executive Director ( or

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