Winter Outdoor Seating Operations
The City is in the process of creating Winter guidelines for those of you that wish to continue operations outdoors. However, while weather is unpredictable, we need to prepare for snow emergencies and construction related activities while keeping public safety in mind. Knowing your plans for the winter and the adjustments you plan to make will give us a better idea of what to advocate for and provide in terms of assistance.

The Licensing Commission extended outdoor seating until January 11, 2021. Your feedback on whether an extension to this date is necessary would also be helpful.

Please take a moment to fill out this quick survey to share your thoughts.
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Are you planning to keep your outdoor dining open during the winter? (until January 11, 2021) *
If Yes, during a snow emergency or construction related activities, would you be able to take down your outdoor seating area with a 4 hour notice? *
Are you planning to use additional infrastructure or materials (e.g. tents) in order to keep your outdoor dining/retail open during the winter months? If so, what are they? *
Would you operate during the months of January - March 2021 if the option was available to you? *
What will you be doing to keep your outdoor area safe especially during snow and icy events? Be specific. *
Do you have a location to store your outdoor seating materials in the case of a snow emergency? *
How many propane tanks are you anticipating to have for winter operations
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Where do you plan to store propane tanks? (They are not permitted to be stored in your establishment.)
On October 30, 2020, Somerville received its first snowfall of the year. Please share your experience and the challenges you faced in outdoor operations and snow removal. *
How can we prepare to do better for you to operate outdoors next year? *
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