2018-2019 Student Survey
Please choose the most accurate option to describe your experience with Gardner Public Schools.
Please indicate your school. *
This school provides me with a safe place to learn. *
This school is friendly looking, clean and well-maintained (things that are broken get fixed quickly) *
My school helps me to connect to interesting activities and opportunities after school and in the community. *
The school provides me with equal access to all programs, including athletics and other extracurricular activities. *
I feel accepted for who I am at this school. *
I enjoy going to this school. *
My school does an excellent job meeting my needs. *
I trust my teachers. *
I am confident I can master the skills taught in class this year. *
Teachers really make an effort to get to know me. *
Students are involved in a variety of school decision making and improvement activities. *
My teachers connect what I need to learn to my interests. *
My teachers help me learn how to manage the emotions that affect my learning; for example, frustration, anxiety, anticipation, embarrassment, etc. *
My teachers have high academic expectations for me - they expect me to achieve. *
My classes inspire me to want to learn. *
My teachers understand my unique strengths, interests, and specific needs. *
When I struggle or have a problem at school, I quickly get the help I need. *
My school is helping me discover things I am interested in or good at. *
My teachers help me understand and work with students who are different than me. *
My teachers let my parents know what they can do to support me at home. *
I know what my teachers expect me to learn this year. *
My school understands my cultural/family background. *
I have made good friends at this school. *
I have adults at my school I can really talk to. *
Students at the school support each other. *
Other students get picked on or bully me. *
Teachers listen to my ideas, suggestions, and concerns. *
My teachers recognize/celebrate my progress, improvement, and successes. *
My teachers challenge me to reach my full potential. They don't just let me do easy work. *
My classes really make me think. *
I keep trying even when work is hard. *
I think about how my actions and choices will affect others. *
I remain calm even when I'm stressed, angry or someone provokes me. *
My parents/family members are comfortable coming to my school. *
My parents know how I am doing in school. *
My parents know what I am expected to learn in my classes this year. *
Teachers at my school notice when a student needs help. *
My teachers let my parents know where I need help. *
I am often bored in class. *
Students are disruptive in class and make it hard for me to learn. *
My teachers connect what I am learning in school to life outside the classroom. *
Students at my school follow school rules. *
This school does a good job helping me develop important social emotional skills; for example, persistence, resilience, getting along with others, problem-solving. *
My teachers give me good feedback that helps me improve/learn from my mistakes. *
I would recommend this school to other students. *
What do you like most about your school?
What would you change about your school?
Do you have any other suggestions, comments or feedback for the school?
What grade are you in? *
Are you receiving English Language Learner (ELL) support at school? *
Are you receiving academic support or other Special Education services at school? *
What is your race/ethnicity?
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