An adult digital user quiz
This is totally anonymous. So we want you to be honest. And you'll get to see what other people said too. So it could be kinda funny/scary/embarrassing....
Working For the Weekend
When at work, I've done the following while my desk, in a meeting, or in a training
Select any that apply. Yes, we're talking about off-task digital behaviors. If you have a doozy, add it to "Other"
When at home...
Do you combine personal and professional posts and shares in your social media accounts?
If you had access to laptop, phone and Internet, what amount of your work could be done remotely?
Don't Talk to Strangers
When signing up for personal online accounts, services or updating software, etc. how often do you read the conditions of use and/or privacy policy?
Have you ever used the same password for multiple online services or accounts?
Which of the following decisions have you made as a result of reviews or ratings you found online?
Include any that apply.
Video Killed the Radio Star
In a typical day during the work week, how many hours do you spend at work and home viewing, looking at and/or interacting with a digital screen of some kind?
Include all uses of TV, computer, mobile phone, gaming devices, tablet devices, ereaders, etc. both at work and home.
On social media, have you done any of the following?
In which of the following locations have you used your mobile phone at least once in the last three months?
Include any that apply.
When using digital content, which of the following have you done at least once?
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