Temple Systematic Review Service: Review Planning Protocol Form
This is a required planning step performed a priori to a review or systematic review. This form follows a modified version of the Prisma-P(extension) statement. If you are interested in registering your protocol please visit Prospero or contact the library for help with protocol registration. This protocol will be used solely for library purposes to help in constructing the literature search and it will not be published or shared. All information shared is strictly held confidential. For questions about this form, please contact Stephanie Roth at stephanie.roth@temple.edu or (215) 707-9469.
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Protocol Title (Please identify the type of review in the title, e.g. systematic review) *
Is this an update of a previously published systematic review? If yes, list the PMID or DOI under Other. *
Describe the rationale for the review in the context of what is already known. *
Provide an explicit statement of the question(s) the review will address with reference to participants, interventions, comparators (if applicable), and outcomes (PICO) or similar format. *
Specify the study characteristics in regards to (study design, setting, time frame) and report characteristics (e.g., years considered, language, publication status) to be used as criteria for eligibility for the review. *
Describe all intended information sources (e.g., electronic databases, contact with study authors, trial registers, or other grey literature sources) with planned dates of coverage. *
Present keywords that are relevant to your study. *
Present keywords that you would like excluded from the study. *
What is your plan to manage and extract data for this review? What tools will you use to assist? *
Will you be using two independent reviewers for study selection and screening? *
List and define all outcomes for which data will be sought, including prioritization of main and additional outcomes, with rationale. *
Describe anticipated methods for assessing risk of bias of individual studies, including whether this will be done at the outcome or study level, or both; state how this information will be used in data synthesis. *
Will you be including a quantitative analysis (meta-analysis)?
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Are you working with a bio-statistician to combine data and create a summary measure of data?
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How will you critically appraise or assess the risk of bias? List below any CAT (critical appraisal tool) you plan to use. *
Please include 3-5 citations that meet eligibility criteria and can be used to test the recall and precision of the search strategy. *
Are you interested in being contacted by a librarian to learn how you may choose to publish this protocol a priori to help minimize bias for your review? *
Do you grant authorship permission for the librarian working on your search and writing the search methodology statement? *
Would you like us to deposit the full search strategies in TU ScholarShare, Temple's institutional repository to ensure transparency and reproducibility? *
Are there any competing or conflicting reviews? (please do a search to verify.) *
What journal do you plan to submit the completed review to for publication (if known)?
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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