Application for Earth Store Statue 2019
16815 Germantown Rd, Germantown, MD 20874

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Phone: 515-450-8493, 301-528-8500
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Currently, we only provide one type of statue, dark grey. It looks light grey under the sunshine. Is this what you like? *
It is dark grey but looks light grey under the sunshine. The pictures below are for the same type of statues.
Will your organization accept any status available if your preferred type is unavailable? *
Is your organization able to pay the shipping cost from Los Angeles to your location? *
Usually, we require your organization to pay the shipping from LA to your location. However, if you need financial support, please contact us. Shipping cost depends on where your organization locates. You can estimate based on the following price: LA to NC $1500; LA to Ontario, CA $450.
Is your organization able to make the foundation for the statue? *
We require your organization to build the foundation. The size of the statue is: 2 meter tall, 0.75 diameter at the base. If there is any question regarding the foundation, please contact us.
recommended design of the foundation
When will you be able to finish the foundation? *
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Are you willing to donate to this project so that more organization can get an Earth Store Statue? *
Donation is not required and will not affect your position on the waiting list. But it is highly recommended. To donate, please come to our website.
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