Volunteer & Membership Application

Thank you for considering joining our team as either a member or volunteer. A complete description of roles and responsibilities are included below. After reading the following information, please complete the form enclosed and we will contact you shortly.


    Membership has its privileges. While members are required to pay dues, all members have an active vote in nearly all club activities. Club members take part in all aspects of fundraising activities including our feature fundraiser, the Save An Eye All Star Football Game. Members take part in all club functions year round.

    Committee Membership

    Committee members take part in the planning and execution of club activities. While they are NOT required to pay dues, but they are active in the functions of all club activities and meetings. They are able to come and go as they please. However regular attendance is encouraged in club meetings, especially their specific committee meetings. Committee members do experience some limitations in certain club functions and do not have a voting role in the interest of the club.

    Volunteer Membership

    Volunteer members are an important part of everything we do. Volunteers do NOT pay dues, attend club meetings, or maintain a voting role in the club. Volunteers simply assist in fundraising and service project activities when they occur and are available.
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