Mecklenburg County Middle and High School Mascot Survey
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Thank you for your ongoing interest and support as we select the mascot for the new Mecklenburg County Middle School and Mecklenburg County High School. There has been a very good response to the surveys that have been presented to the public. The Phoenix and the Mavericks were the two top choices from the last survey. The interesting result of that survey was that the Phoenix was the top choice of our school students, and the Mavericks the top choice of adults in the community. The Phoenix came out ahead by a margin of 2%. We are now asking the community to cast one more vote. Please select between the two top choices, or write in a selection that you feel would serve our schools better. Should you choose to write in a selection please keep in mind that there are important limitations that must be considered:

A. We prefer to avoid a mascot that already belongs to another school team that we could be competing with in the future
B. We cannot use a mascot image that is licensed to a university or professional sports team.
C. Barons, Dragons, Trojans, and Cougars are important icons that belong to our history and cannot be repeated.

This survey will be open to your vote until midnight on Thursday, June 6th. We look forward to hearing from you!

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A maverick is an unbranded range animal or an independent individual who does not go along with a group or party. The spirit of this idea is to represent Mecklenburg as a community that moves forward independently, not feeling the need to “go with the flow” but willing to step out in unique independent ways that will further our community and influence those around us. This also represents the agricultural history of Mecklenburg County. The Mecklenburg Mavericks embrace our past as strong individuals who have strived to make this county great and look forward into the future, not following the pack, but finding our own way in the place we are blessed to call home.
The phoenix is a mythological bird whose enduring symbol has spanned millennia over vastly different cultures. A “fire bird” with brightly fire colored plumage who, after a very long life dies in a fire of its own making only to rise again out of the ashes. This idea is highly unique among school mascots (we could find only one other college named the phoenix). The new MCPS Secondary schools will rise from the ashes of our very long lived past and be reborn into a new unified community. We do not forget our past (as the phoenix represents immortality), yet we move forward in rebirth looking forward to another long life. The Mecklenburg Phoenix will press on into the future as a persevering symbol of hope, loyalty and unity. We arise from the ashes of the past and shine brightly in this generation and many more to come. We are fiercely loyal, there is no plural; WE TOGETHER are one, The Phoenix.
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