Spotting Responses to the Coronavirus: Connecting Journalists with Story Leads
The current news coverage about the coronavirus is focused on the urgent need for social distancing. This is important, but there are also effective problem-solving strategies emerging in communities around the world and people need to hear about them — both for rapid learning and to stay hopeful and healthy.

FOR PEOPLE SUBMITTING RESPONSES: Please tell us what responses are happening in your community or others. How are communities, institutions or individuals responding in creative ways? Reducing social isolation? Innovations around testing or treatment? Assistance for families experiencing poverty or lack of access to food or child care? Protections for front-line workers? Care for our elders? We will use your responses to connect journalists with story leads. Or, with your permission we may publish them via our communication channels.
Thank you for taking the time to spread solutions and help others.

FOR JOURNALISTS: If you'd like to hear about these story leads, please enter where you live and what you cover below. Thank you!

NOTE: You can read up on our growing list of solutions stories covering the novel coronavirus, here:
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