Data Export Services
Want me to collect data for you?

Fill in this form or make a special inquiry. I'm able to export data from Instagram and other web sites and services. Please be specific what data and what amount should be exported. Costs will depend on difficulty of data extraction and the total amount of entries shipped. Minimal order price is 50$. I accept most of payment methods. You get a CSV file with records and/or a link to download all other exported files.

NOTE: I don't make any unauthorized access to websites and services, all data I grab is publicly available. And it's your responsibility to use this data in a proper way respecting the rights of those it belongs to.
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Instagram data export
Following data can be fetched for your needs:
◽️ List of user IDs (from hashtag/location/list of user followers/list of followed users/list of comments)
◽️ List of detailed user information including contact details (from list of user IDs)
◽️ List of comments (from a publication)
◽️ List of publications (from hashtag/location/user)
◽️ Publication media files

Note: not all publications can be fetched from hashtag or location.
Detailed user list (followers)
Detailed list of publications (feed)
Other web sites and services
I'm ready to extract data records from other services using their API or from publicly available pages. Please contact me for details.
Detailed list of apps from the App Store
How does it work?
1️⃣  Fill in the form for data you need or make a special inquiry
2️⃣  Wait for a confirmation with sample of data records, estimation of total count and an invoice
3️⃣  Make a prepayment (30%, min. 50$, non-refundable)
4️⃣  Data will be delivered in 3 days (if not discussed separately), you get sample screenshots of the result
5️⃣  Make final payment (if needed)
4️⃣  Receive data files and download links via email
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