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MGI 2018 will be held at Castleton University from Monday, June 25 though Friday, June 29, 2018 (8 am to 5 pm). The theme for MGI will be revisiting the education policy document, Middle School Is Not a Building, in light of the education reforms of Act 77 - personalized learning, proficiency based education, and flexible pathways.
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The Middle Grades Institute provides learning opportunities through an interdisciplinary faculty teaming approach. In choosing an academic pathway, please review the descriptions below when making your choice. Choose one. Note: The first four pathways are for the middle level endorsement. The "Middle School Is Not a Building - Revisited" Pathway is for those individuals who do not need credit for the middle level endorsement and are attending MGI for a personalized learning experience, either for professional development hours (45 hours) or for graduate credit.
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For those participants who choose graduate credit, there will be a "Pre Institute" in which participants will be expected to complete modules, readings and assignments online prior to attending MGI.
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Tuition includes room and board but residency is not required.
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Please mail payment to: The Middle Grades Collaborative, 227 Leap Frog Hollow, Montpelier, VT 05602. If you are requesting your school district to make payment, please include below the purchase order #, and name and email address of the business manager for your school. *
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If you do not receive anything by June 1, please contact MGC immediately. Email: register@middlegradesinstitute.org Phone: (802) 654-2636.
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