SLS Membership Form and Universal Permission Slip
Please fill out and remit your nonrefundable $25 per family annual dues.
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I give permission for SLS to use photographs / images of my child(ren) on the website and elsewhere to promote events. *
Interested Sibling Registration & Parent Volunteer Interests
Please add any interested middle school sibling's name, gender and grade here for family membership. Also, let us know if you would like to be contacted about volunteer opportunities or if you have special talents such as bookkeeping, sewing, carpentry, theater, etc.
Interested Sibling Registration & Parent Volunteer Interests
Universal Permission Slip
I give my permission for my child(ren) to participate in any or all of the SLS events / activities for the current academic year (including but not limited to: Varsity Choir, Drama Camp, Fall Musical Revue, Spring Musical, Open Mic Night, any fundraisers, and Tech Crew / Tech Crew Club). This includes all auditions, rehearsals, meetings, performances, and celebrations, both on-campus and off. The musical director may require separate permission slips for certain Varsity Choir events. I understand transportation is my sole responsibility. I understand that I must also remit the non-prorated annual family dues to participate in SLS activities (other than auditions, which are free of charge). I understand that there may be additional fess associated with these events / activities and that participation in some events may be contingent on a successful audition.
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