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Request refund or transfer of license
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Here you can request a refund or transfer of license for FolderSync to another Google account. If you want to transfer license to another account, you will also need to request a refund and provide the new order id. If you don't provide a new order id, we will not issue a refund, if requesting transfer of license.

Only Google Play refunds are supported, and only on the contingency that the old order can be refunded, which may not be possible for old orders. Amazon app store purchases can not refunded, I suggest you contact Amazon App store support.

If the app is not working for you, we will issue refunds up to 72 hours after purchase. Have you previously requested a refund by email, we will use the date of that mail as the refund date. If your refund request doesn't fall in the 72 hour window it will be rejected.

Please provide order id from google Play or we will not be able to refund order.
Type of refund *
Google Play order ID *
The FolderSync order that should be refunded
Google Play order ID (new)
Only applicable if you want to transfer license. Enter the order id for the order that you have purchased in for the new account.
Previous request
If the windows of 72 hours have passed you can still request a refund if you provide information here that enables us to find a previous refund request. E.g. sender, subject and date of email sent or similar.
Feedback email
If there is any issue with your refund, provide an email so we can contact you
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